Tail light DUCATI 03-06 749/S/R,999/S/R,2006 Multistrada 620/Dark;03-06 Multistrada 1000/DS,07-09 Multistrada 1100/S

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Aftermarket replacement fitting selected make model and year

compatible with


03-06 749/S/R,999/S/R,

2006 Multistrada 620/Dark;

03-06 Multistrada 1000/DS,

07-09 Multistrada 1100/S


Available feature options:

(LENS) Lens only

(INT) LED Tail light with integrated turn signals

(ITU) LED Flashing Brake light with integrated signals

(SQL) Sequential LED Tail Light with integrated signals



  • With high-density Led configuration ensuring optimal visibility
  • Free Shipping to domestic addresses
  • We dispatch Our Order within 1 working day( Monday-Friday, Excl. holidays
  • Warranty: 6 months/ Return: 30days


Taillight Installation Guide: Please Read Before Purchase

While we don’t have model-specific instructions, we’ve outlined general wiring steps to help you install your new taillight seamlessly. If you encounter any issues, feel free to reach out to us.

1. Running and Brake Light Functions:

The process is typically plug and play. Most of our LED lights are equipped with OEM plugs. However, some older versions feature 1157 types of dual contacts bulb socket (refer to the pictures in the listing for identification), offering a direct replacement for your existing bulb. In the case that the socket doesn’t fit certain newer models, you’ll need to swap it out with the bike’s factory connector.

Wiring color reference:

Black wire:  Negative (Ground)

Red wire:   Running Light

Green wire: Brake Light


2. Turn Signals Activation:

Connect the yellow wire (or yellow & black wire) to the positive wires of your bike’s left and right turn signals to activate the built-in turn signals.

If additional black wires are provided, always connect them to the ground wires.


3. (Optional) Dealing with Error Codes or Alerts:

If switching from an incandescent bulb to an LED taillight, you may encounter error codes, rapid blinking, or static amber lights, these are common due to the low current of LED lights. So, we need to increase the current. Fix this by adding provided resistors into the circuit in parallel connection with the taillight (using the included diagram as a guide).

For certain models, an LED replay may be included instead of resistors, in such cases, simply replace the stock relay with the provided LED replay.


**Useful Tips in Installation:

If the light doesn’t illuminate, ensure secure wiring and connectors first.

Reconnect them, and if issues persist, test with Test Light, or connect directly to a 12V battery using the provided wire colors. 

Contact us if it still doesn’t work for a replacement.

Thank you for your purchase from us!  Ride safely!

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Scott
Not exactly a perfect fit or an easy install

The clear lens was almost but not quite a perfect fit. It lacked 2 tabs needed to hold it in place, so I couldn't use it; had to use the original OEM lens. The LED circuit board was also a not-quite fit and I had to modify it (trim it) to get it in place. The electrical connectors supplied to splice in to the direction leads are not the best, and one ended up not working. At least I got a brighter brake light out of the deal, and a left directional that looks cool. Fortunately still have the stock directionals so that I remain street legal. Because this was not quite an exact fit replacement and because of the sub-par electrical connectors it took too long and too much hassle and is not something I would recommend. Note: the installation directions were too generic to be of much use.