LED Tail light DUCATI 03-06 749/S/R,999/S/R,2006 Multistrada 620/Dark;03-06 Multistrada 1000/DS,07-09 Multistrada 1100/S

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Plug and go technology-OEM replacement fitting selected make model and year. Available options for selected model.

  • Simplified installation (plug and go technology)
  • Fast and Free Shipping !!
  • Excellent customer service: 6 month warranty
  • Maximum LED installed with highest brightest efficiency per board
  • Rare SQL feature available- Built in moving pattern LEDs 
  • SQL demo link

INT: LED Tail light with integrated turn signals

SQL: LED Tail light with integrated sequential turn signals.(built in pattern moving led)

Simple instructions included inside detailing activation of turn signals. For more details or concerns with compatibility please visit help section  Warranty:6 months/ Return:30 days

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Scott
Not exactly a perfect fit or an easy install

The clear lens was almost but not quite a perfect fit. It lacked 2 tabs needed to hold it in place, so I couldn't use it; had to use the original OEM lens. The LED circuit board was also a not-quite fit and I had to modify it (trim it) to get it in place. The electrical connectors supplied to splice in to the direction leads are not the best, and one ended up not working. At least I got a brighter brake light out of the deal, and a left directional that looks cool. Fortunately still have the stock directionals so that I remain street legal. Because this was not quite an exact fit replacement and because of the sub-par electrical connectors it took too long and too much hassle and is not something I would recommend. Note: the installation directions were too generic to be of much use.