Bright2wheels Tail light lens for Honda 03-09 VTX 1300R,VTX 1300S,VTX 1300T,02-08 VTX 1800R,VTX 1800S,VTX 1800T

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Bright Motorcycle Tail Light Lens for   

03-09 VTX 1300R,VTX 1300S,VTX 1300T,

02-08 VTX 1800R,VTX 1800S,VTX 1800T

Features and benefits:

  • Quick and Easy Installation Fits well like original one without any changes
  • 12 months Warranty/14 days return


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Other VARIATIONS in our store:

Sequential Led Tail Lights (SQL)
• Integrated with the unique sequential flashing turn signals with LED brake light, left and right turn signals displaying a pattern flow displaying the Amber color LED. While brake light always displays RED LED.
Flashing brake Led Tail Lights (ITU)
• It is a 2nd Generation LED tail light model which flashes 6 times when the rider activates the brake. The brake will continue to show a solid red color after the initial six flashes. The purpose of the tail light is to alert others drivers as they approach that you are slowing down.
Integrated turn signals (INT)
The original 1st Gen. technology. LED tail light included with integrated turn signals.